Waving Graphs
2022 | Interactive installation
Waving Graphs is an interactive installation which can be experienced through different senses: auditory, tactile and visual. Data graphs of the signature wave of male fiddler crabs to attract female fiddler crabs were used in this installation. This is a waving movement with their big claw. On the one side you can feel the cut out data graphs by touching. On the other side the data graphs were translated into sound on this way they become audible. The visibilty is supported by leds. In addition the entire structure represents the work of the scientists through its material and presentation. Aswell as the animals next to the sensors, cameras and cables used to get a glimpse of their behavior. 
Special thanks to Antoni Rayzhekov for his incredible support for me and my work. 
Also a big thank you to Daniela Perez for sharing the data with me. Aswell Mario Doulis, Jörg Frohnmayer, Elisabeth Börker, Hemal Naika for making this possible. 
Waving graphs was part of the project Re-Shaping Nature - When Scientific Data Meets Art & Design. In the project Re-Shaping Nature, a cooperation project with the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior , The Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour in Konstanz and Merz Akademie, were worked on artistic approaches to present scientific data.
Internet, here is a musical for you
2021 | Browser performance ​​​​​​​
It’s about tab hoarding, life inside the browser, and the whole internet. The musical is a live performance by the browser for you. The music is played live from the tabs. It seems like the computer is having fun without you, with all the tabs you forgot to close. 🤫
UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)
2020 | Virtual Reality Experience 
Wir haben eine ungeheure Distanz zu Kriegen aller Art entwickelt, da wir im Gefühl der absoluten Sicherheit aufgewachsen sind und die Fernsehbilder der ständigen Toten weit entfernt vom eigenen Leben empfinden. Gerade zur Zeit der asymmetrischen Kriege können Angriffe über tausende Kilometer aus entfernt durchgeführt werden. Dazu sind Drohnen relativ billig und haben eine große Reichweite. Diese unbemannten Flugzeuge verändern die moderne Kriegsführung. Diese unbemannte Kriegsführung steht in der Kritik, da die Souveränität von Staaten und die Rechtsstaatlichkeit verletzt werden können und häufig auch unbeteiligte Zivilisten ums Leben kommen. Bei diesem Projekt habe ich mich einmal mit Wistleblower Brandon Bryant, ehemaliger Sensorbediener von Drohnen der United State Air Force und der Rolle von Deutschland beschäftigt, und dem Film "5000 FEET IS THE BEST Omer Fast". Der Film beruht auf zwei Treffen mit dem Piloten einer Jagd-Drohne, die im September 2010 in einem Hotel in Las Vegas mitgeschnitten wurden.
2019 | Virtual Reality Experience
Karoshi is a term in Japanese that describes suicide or illness-related death caused by too much work. Prevention by the government reduces the suicide rate, but the government's campaign does not reach young people. For every 100,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 19, there were approximately seven suicides per year in Japan in 2015. In early September and early April, when school starts again after the holidays, the suicide rate rises slightly. Unlike in Christian and Islamic countries, suicide is not a sin in Japanese intellectual history, but has traditionally been understood to mean taking responsibility or asking for forgiveness. but suicides happen not only in Japan all over the world. The project deals with the loss of a loved one on a personal level. It should address how suicide affects a person's environment and how traumatic experiences are processed in a dream.
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